This reading was especially helpful with my research topic.  Titled “Race and Ethnic Relations in Contemporary Japan” this article had a lot of statistics about the break down of race (note: from 2010)

Discussion points:

  • I question the accuracy of polling for the ethnic groups and foreign nationals living in Japan.  From the movie “Hafu” there are many people in Japan that could have mixed-race backgrounds, but not even know it if their families chose to suppress that part of their identity.
  • Going off of the “Hafu” documentary, mixed-race individuals are just as much a minority as actual minority groups in Japan (in my opinion) and so I wonder what kinds of discrimination/hardship minorities face in Japan, and how they compare to that of the US.
  • I was surprised to hear about indigenous groups in Japan, as with most countries, they are marginalized and aren’t talked about a lot.